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Imagine the possibilities of your life by beginning each day looking and feeling more polished, comfortable and confident with your appearance.


Lisa Rowe is known as the "Sensational Stylist, Makeover Maven, Clothes Doctor and Life Coach". She provides full-service image and wardrobe consulting; helping men and women define their style and refine their image. 

Lisa recognizes the need to create a diverse action plan for every client and focuses on the individual challenges and objectives during the consultative process. Her client base is vast and diverse, varying from the "work from home" to CEOs of Fortune 100 firms. Her simple and effective approach to style enhancement consistenly delivers dramatic results for each client - regardless of their positioning in life.



  • Personal & Professional Style Assessment

  • Wardrobe Evaluation & Strategic Wardrobe Planning

  • The Art of Personal Shopping

  • Wardrobe Coordination / Wardrobe Photo Book

  • Closet Organization for Efficiency & Functionality

  • Dressing for Body type and Age Appropriateness

  • Special Event Preparation & Coordination Including Wardrobe & Personal Grooming

  • Planning Wardrobe & Packing with Ease for Business or Vacation Travel

  • Orchestration of Consignment and Donation Process For Clothing 



  1. Initial Consultation for Lifestyle and Wardrobe Review - During this initial meeting Lisa will meet with her clients to assess their needs, review their current wardrobe, discuss goals and objectives and create a plan of action for the next steps.

  2. Closet Organization - Lisa  and her team will organize closet to determine voids and areas of opportunity for wardrobe building whether the focus is adding to the basics or layering the existing assortment with current trends and styles most suited to the client. 

  3. Personal Shopping - Lisa will create a list of shopping resources and the stores best suited to complete the "shopping list" required to fill the voids in the closet and will then begin the shopping process for the client. 

  4. Try-On Session for Fit - During this session we determine only the best of the best to be added to the client's wardrobe. 

  5. Photo Book Coordination - A wonderful tool of the many mix and match options and coordination of the existing wardrobe merged with the new clothing items to create an assortment of looks and styles for any occasion needed from professional to weekend play.

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