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Over 25 years in the fashion industry, which include management, buying, merchandising and styling. 

  • Provides individual and corporate style & image expertise

  •  A sophisticated and cultivated approach for interpreting fashion and style trends

  • Educates individuals about the importance of creating a lasting, positive,
    first impression

  • Creates the perfect image based on the client’s needs and lifestyle 

  • Develops a personalized wardrobe plan 

  •  Participates regularly in Fashion and Market Weeks in the U.S. and Internationally

  •  Life Coach Certified 

  • Corporate and Group Presentations & Speaking Engagements 


Lisa Rowe, referred to by many as "The Sensational Stylist", "Wardrobing Miracle Worker" and "Image Makeover Expert", founded her Dallas-based wardrobe and image consulting firm providing both the individual and corporate client, image and style expertise. With over 25 years in the fashion industry, she has the experience, knowledge and talent to educate individuals in understanding the importance of creating a positive and lasting first impression that sets them apart in their personal and professional pursuit of success. She believes that everyone has the ability to position themselves properly if they look, feel and act the part with confidence.

Lisa’s philosophy is to create the perfect image based on the individual client’s needs and lifestyle. She works with each client directly to create a customized action plan which evaluates, defines and refines their image through wardrobe development. With hundreds of clients in her portfolio, she ensures that every client receives individualized attention, creating the personal style that becomes their own signature. 

Lisa is a graduate of Florida State University with a degree in merchandising and business administration. Her vast professional experience encompasses both men's and women's fashion and design, including over a decade in management, buying, merchandising and styling with a major luxury retailer. Her participation in Fashion and Market Week in the U.S. and internationally, along with her seasonal buying trips, has equipped her to take a sophisticated and cultivated approach when interpreting fashion and style trends for her clients. Her deep-rooted relationships in the industry make her an invaluable resource for her clients as the "go-to" expert in the image and fashion world.


Being a certified Life Coach, Lisa incorporates these skills into her wardrobe and image development programs for her personal and corporate clients. She works with local and global companies consulting, speaking and presenting to executives and their employees to enhance their professional and personal image. She helps organizations ensure their employees are reflecting the image and corporate identity they strive to achieve in today's business environment. 


As a successful business woman, Lisa resides in Dallas Texas, and enjoys spending time with her husband, son and daughter. 

"I simply LOVE what I do and am very passionate about working with every client as their
self-confidence and self-esteem sky rockets!

My objective and focus is not to change my clients, but to guide them towards a better version of themselves through the image,
style and wardrobe process.

Lisa Rowe

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