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"I worked with Lisa on my own professional wardrobe and it has transformed my relationship with my closet. Fewer clothes with more to wear…what a concept!!!"

Lisa B. Young, CPA, CGMA, HCS, SWP

Group Director, Chief Human Resources Officer, Dallas


“Lisa is the best in the business – period. She is professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. My image went from a zero to a WOW! The extra confidence, visual impact and style gave me a step up on the success ladder. Your image says a lot about you – make sure it is saying the right thing. Now that I have Lisa on my team, I never need to worry about what I look like and can focus on other things. Lisa was the best investment I’ve ever made – and will continue to make.”

Christine Cashen – International Speaker

“I was a 36 year old mother of two when I met Lisa through a friend. I wore my blue jeans 2 sizes too big and I bought my t-shirts one in every color! I did not have a lot of time for shopping, so I usually went last minute before a night out with my husband and usually bought the first thing I saw, spent way too much money on an outfit and probably never wore it again! I was very nervous to have Lisa come over to see my closet but Lisa really listened to my concerns about my body and lifestyle and made me feel completely at ease with the whole process. Not only have I saved money with Lisa, but I can spend more time with my kids and family and focus on the things that are important to me.


As a family, we often travel with my husband’s career. With Lisa’s guidance in creating the perfect wardrobe, I now have the right things to wear and can pack in half the time! Lisa did not try to change me, but she changed my life.


Since then, Lisa has also worked with my husband, enhancing his ‘off the course’ wardrobe. Brandt looks amazing in his new fashion forward ‘date night’ clothing. He was apprehensive at first but now comments regularly about how good he feels in his clothes, how well they fit and how Lisa’s process has really made this part of his life much easier.”

Jennifer & Brandt Jobe – Professional Golfer

"My husband watched the transformation Lisa brought to my image and decided he would like to give it a try. He is always "on the go" with a heavy travel schedule and she has put together a wardrobe that makes his frequent packing as stress-free as possible. We both receive compliments on a regular basis and are often asked where we buy our clothes. Lisa has been a life-saver for us in so many ways and we are grateful for the many ways that she has improved our daily lives!"

Diane M., Tulsa

"Lisa understood my sophisticated style and created the perfect look for the red carpet."

Tammy Kling, Author - The Compass

"Lisa really understands her client's lifestyle, works within any budget and delivers a fantastic presentation of clothes, gift cards and wrapping that made my wife's 40th birthday a special event."

Rick Bridwell, CTP, Bank of America

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